Clubs across the country are filling their dining rooms with excited members who love to play Trivia Challenge. Trivia Challenge is very simply the easiest and most affordable way to entertain your members. Clubs are hosting Trivia Challenge night as often as twice a month because their members want this entertainment. If your members want activities at the club, this is one that you cannot do without. Find out how easy it is to host live entertainment that actually makes money for the club.

What is Trivia Challenge?

  • Trivia Challenge is a team-based game, designed to be played during dinner, that runs approximately 2 hours.
  • The game requires a live host who will ask the questions and keep the teams' scores.
  • Teams work together to decide on their answer as well as strategize on optimal use of point values.
  • Question categories are diverse; keeping the game is interesting for everyone.
  • Why Trivia Challenge will be your members favorite reason to come to come to the club...
  • Trivia Challenge works because your members will love the entertainment, and come to the clubhouse to eat, drink and play regularly!
  • Trivia Challenge is entertainment that is intended to be scheduled regularly, your members will want the club to host the game as often as possible.
  • Your members will form teams that will grow as Trivia Challenge night develops.
  • Trivia Challenge is a very competitive game that creates an enthusiastic and loyal following.

What Clients have to say!

"We began with only two teams the first night, but the members had so much fun they were in tears of laughter. They told there friends- by our third show we had six teams, we are confident that we will double that soon."
-Dave Brown, GM
Evansville Country Club

"This is the BEST revenue producing single night (Thursday) we have - it's equal to any event we have on the weekends."
-Howard Parr, Chairman of House Comm.
Laurel Oak Country Club

"Well, we did it! Our first show we had about ten teams and they had a BLAST! At the end of the evening they wanted to know when we were doing it again. I know the next one will be bigger because the members are telling all their friends"
-Krista Shaughnessy, F & B Manager
San Jose Country Club

"Our members love Trivia Challenge so much that during the hurricanes (Frances & Charlie) they were upset the clubhouse was closed- they were still willing to play! This will be a roaring success for quite a while."
-Joyce Freeman, F & B Manager
Willoughby Country Club

"I will tell other clubs this will be a 'homerun', 'for-sure' success for their club."
-Laurie Evans, Membership Director
University Park Country Club


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Team Dead in the Water at Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota Florida. Laurel Oak has been hosting Trivia Challenge Night 18 times a year for the last three years and the crowd continues to grow. Find out how Thursday nights have become their busiest nights of member entertainment. In 2004, Laurel Oak sold an estimated 2750 additional covers directly attributed to Trivia Challenge! Do the math, Trivia Challenge simply pays for itself.

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About Trivia Challenge

Trivia Challenge was started in 1999 in Sarasota Florida premiering at Gecko's Grill and Pub. Many of our regular teams were of made up of members from of local private, and semi-private clubls. After playing the game at Gecko's many of the teams wanted the entertainment at their clubs and we were off and running.

Clubs across the country have been scheduling Trivia Challenge monthly or bi-monthly to packed dining rooms. The feedback for members who play Trivia Challenge is simply; "This is the best entertainment the club has ever scheduled." Club professionals who are scheduling Trivia Challenge in their clubs are enjoying increased F&B revenues as wll as increasing the value of their memberships. Trivia Challenge used as prescribed can revitalize your clubhouse and membership. Clubs whit an already active membership are using Trivia Challenge to move the competition from the links and courts to the clubhouse.

Our game is successful because of the team element and the competitive environment created. The game is played in rounds of questions where the teams not only have to decide on their answer, they have to use strategy in the allocation of the point values to maximize their score. The final question is designed to keep all the teams in the hunt for first, second or third place. This keeps everyone interested and having fun right until the end. Your members will celebrate when they are correct and show their dismay when they are not.

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