Q: How is Trivia Challenge played?
A: Trivia Challenge is a team based game, teams can be any size, but only one team per table. Each team will need a team score sheet, a pad of answer slips and a pencil. The host announces each question separately and then plays a song. (audio equipment and music not provided by Trivia Challenge) While the song is playing, teams discuss and decide on their answer. The answer is recorded on the answer slip and handed into to the host before the end of the song. When the song ends, the host rereads the question and gives the answer. The host then asks the next question and the process repeats.

Q: What prizes are typically awarded?
A: Typically, the top three teams are awarded prizes, most of our clients award gift certificate or house cash in denominations of $50.00, $25.00 and $15.00.

Q: How long does the game last?
A: Trivia Challenge is designed to last 2 hours, but can be lengthened by playing longer songs between questions or shortened by playing shorter songs.

Q: Who hosts the entertainment?
A: You will provide the host. Our clients have been most successful using either a staff member or a good client. The host training video talks more about how to select a host.

Q: Why does Trivia Challenge work?
A: Trivia Challenge works for a number of reasons, but most importantly are the questions. Each set of questions are researched and formatted to ensure all of your teams will be competitive throughout the game and have a chance to place in the top three at the end of the game. The format of Trivia challenge requires teams to use strategy as well as knowledge to come out on top.

Q: How will Trivia Challenge increase sales?
A: Well, imagine your slowest night when the majority of your seats are empty. Now imagine them filled with new customers, spending money as they are challenged for two hours. Imagine your staff building relationships with new customers. Imagine your customers getting to know each other as they sometimes trade answers and build alliances. Imagine this happening every time you run Trivia Challenge.

Q: What is the best way to promote Trivia Challenge?
A: Our clients have been most successful with a combination of in store promoting and advertisements. Include Trivia Challenge in any current advertising being done. Your staff can have the greatest impact by simply talking about the entertainment with existing customers and inviting them in to play the game. Word of mouth will spread quickly when your customers start having fun and competing for bragging rights and gift certificates.

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